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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Freeware Tech Tip

Hi there sweet friends, been a while since I posted a tech tip.

Here's a free ~screen sharing~ app I've been using called JoinMe (for Windows), been around 10 years but it's newish to me.  You can remote access anothers computer screen from your very own comfy chair.  AND... with their permission, control their mouse... AND if desired, multiple users can join the *meeting*.  AND... it works both ways ~ when you need tech support, get someone you trust to help you via screen sharing.  All you need is your computers, a phone call and both of you running the app.  Yep, there's similar apps out there but this one is super user friendly, works well and appears to have zero nasty residual usage affects on my system, stable and reliable.

If you lend tech support to family/friends/loved ones/elders that live elsewhere, even out of state, you'll find this time saving tool very useful.  No more driving across town to find a missing toolbar or waiting for your college student to come home to do that tech thing you've been ignoring.  JoinMe is utilized on a per meeting basis, you control joining/un-joining at each *meeting*, so there's no risk of being left open-ended.  I've run several deep and thorough virus scans since installing this app and find absolutely zero compromises.

I know, sounds too good to be tru huh!  Well, it is true.  I'm using this app to assist my parent... from my cozy chair...  in the dead of winter... with my little floor heater warming my legs... instead of going out into the snow and freezing cold... and driving across town... just sayin!  Also sayin' this app absolutely will not help when a cable disconnects, but trips across town are fewer these days.

Oh, btw... have I mentioned it's free LOL?!

Not a paid endorsement, some things are just too good not to share with friends.  Even between stitchy friends, you might know someone who needs a little tech help now and again!

Your popup blocker may warn you about this app, it's ok... you're in control.  I skipped registering and skipped free trial option.  I simply clicked on the orange button to download the app, installed the exe file and had my parent do the same.  Then when my parent calls for puter help, we meet on screen.  We each enter the special code given so my parent can share their screen with me, then I request mouse control (remote access), parent allows ~ easy peasy.

via google

Tootles, Sue


  1. They don't have an app that works like this for Mom's TV remote, do they? LoL

    We use the JoinMe app for consultants at work, and it seems very reliable.

  2. My son does this for my mom and her computer--what a lifesaver it's been when she gets "stuck."


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