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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

~ BBD Contest and Free Chart ~

Hi there! First time ever contest and free sampler chart on Blackbird Designs blog! Be sure to properly thank the blog moderators/designers (Barb and Alma) for their kindness. What a great way to drive some traffic to this great blog:)


Tootles, Sue

~ Urgent - Have You Seen This Floss? ~

Hi there! Fellow stitcher *Pauline* in Orgeon is working on Ink Circles Growth Rings and fears she'll run out of her fiber. She purchased this (HDF) Hand Dyed Fiber 6 strand regular *mystery* spool off Ebay, and now is in quite a pickle, as she fears she will run out!

It's really a gorgeous color. If you can help, plz contact *Pauline* directly via email: Thx for looking!

Tootles, Sue

Sunday, April 12, 2009

~ How To Grow * Nice * Spiders ~

Hi there! This post has nothing to do with stitching, it's ok, I can live with it-LOL! Although I don't garden much, I am a bit of a fiend for house plants. They seem to like it here as much as we do:) Yesterday was my first *growing season* visit to DMIL for babies from her 30+ year old spider plants. Yes, they're monstrous and I always wonder when they will pull down the ceiling. Every spring she calls and says *the babies are ready, if you don't come soon, they'll be gone*, which means the babies are driving her nuts and her fingers are itchin' to get out the nippers. We simply can't have that, so off I go for a wonderful visit and some nice tea, knowing that in a few months there will be lush newly planted spider plants everywhere, to enjoy here and also gift-away.

How to grow *nice* spiders: snip off lots of baby shoots, fill jar, glass or vase with water, plunk them babies in the water, set in the spring sun, keep roots in water and re-fill jar with water when needed, in about 2 weeks, more or less they'll be nicely rooted and be ready for planting into a nice primitive pot.

Our babies look like this today, these shoots will make a very fine bigger scale plant, whooopsie me, how utterly unintentional, fish/scale LOL ~ fish with strawberry optional :)

Eventually they'll be a glorious and lush spider plant, like this!

And having *nice* spider babies of their own, like this!

Kind thanks for stopping by!

Tootles, Sue

Friday, April 10, 2009

~ Bunny Funny ~

Hi All! Even though this has been around for years, it still cracks me up every Easter! Some days a good laugh over something stupid~simple is just what a girl needs:)

Tootles, Sue

Monday, April 6, 2009

~ Wishing You A Happy Easter ~

Hi there! Spring is struggling to arrive here, Easter weekend fast approaches and wild bunnies are gently scampering about early mornings near the wood pile outside our kitchen window. Last season the neighbor's rabbit took up residence in our garage. For several days we watched her as she hopped back and forth across our feet, as if we weren't there, so sweet and diligent as she hauled mouthfuls of nesting materials into the garage to set up her nursery. She built a lovely little nest of grasses and gave life to her babies in the spot she chose, behind a pile of plywood. After all the nest building and birthing was done, Papa Rabbit appeared out of nowhere and joined his new family ~ isn't that always the way ~ LOL! I stitched this little piece on Fiddlers cloth and finished it as a hanger to remember those tender moments.

Happy Easter to you. Your sincere offers of kinship and warm welcomes into Blogland are truly treasured, as is the arrival of each new Spring :)

Tootles, Sue

~ LoneStar Stitcher's Blog ~

Hi there! If you'd like to see a really neat craft room and blog, check out Cindy's! She's one very lucky lady and really is sweeter than pecan pie:) HERE is link to Cindy's great blog! Gotta run, not yet done reading it myself:) Tootles, Sue

Friday, April 3, 2009

~ Gifts from Dearest Pamela ~

Hi There! For the last 20 plus years, my dearest friend Pamela on Owasco Lake has brought me many things; enduring friendship, joy for my heart, comfort in times of sorrow, enough belly laughs to last a lifetime, my FAV fragrance *Anne Klein II* parfum, as the saying goes *she's got my back*! Then, that one night long ago she brought me the most special gift, DH, she introduced us, a gift that no words could possibly describe. I truly love her, she is my sister in every sense. Every young woman should have a very close girlfriend or two, as they journey through life together:)

Now, Pamela has surprised me with her gorgeous *made~with~love* bookmark.
Seems Pamela has taken up beading and enjoying herself immensely. How she does this intricate handwork is beyond me, hundreds of beautiful tiny beads, hand strung and finished, WOW! Click on image to enlarge. It sparkles that captivating blue-green color, which reminds me of the Caribbean waters, which reminds me of our girls' vacation to the Dominican, which reminds me that it began with our jet landing in a cow field-LOL!

Thank you again Pamela, I shall treasure this gift full of sweet memories:)

Lovely isn't it?

Tootles, Sue