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Prim and folkart needlework designs of drab reds, browns, golds and greens are what I fancy.

Let's share stitchin, sewin, nestin, cookin, collectin, prims, critters and a lovin' mishmash of sweet life...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hi sweet friends, hope you're all well and looking forward to nice weather.  Here in the Finger Lakes we're still betwixt and between, 80 degrees one day and plowable snow 48 hours later, sheesh!  One of these days the Weather Man will have to decide what he wants to do ~ wait... I know ~ he should check with Mother Nature!  She's a woman, she knows everything, she's good like that:)

Stitchin...  What is it about folk art that speaks to us?  I'm always drawn to the folky tulip ~ whether stitched or painted 100 years ago on an old blanket chest.  Just can't help myself, anyone else suffer from this affliction?  I remember an old friend who had not a single stem of anything planted in his yard.  One day I asked him why not a few tulips, he replied they were too ugly!  He's still my friend, my oldest in fact, I just didn't marry him:) 
loving this stitch
tad bit nervous
about the assembly
but try I must
i'll do my best and
pooh the rest!

Collectin...  A few more blues rescued from the barn, they cleaned up nicely.  The oldest of this lot dates to 1858, amazing they survived the collapse. 

Back in the day...  Anyone remember these?  Kind of a spice loaf cake with raisins and frosting.  This ad was recently in our grocery flyer, I actually had to rub my eyes cause I thought I was hallucinating.  Our local Star Market sold them in the 60's/70's, was such a treat back then.  I'm sure my Mom thought it was a treat too ~ not having to bake LOL.  As much as I love to bake, some days I know how she felt:)

Bloggin... My computer is on its' last leggies ~ email is fine, but while blog posting it freezes, crashes, it's just a PITA s.t.r.u.g.g.l.e.  The French have a saying which I adore, sounds so romantic when they speak it, very universal and translates to " we're in the sh*ts ".  Their slang sooooo accurately describes our computer these days:)  I'll still be around, following along on my Google Reader, stitching and saving for a new computer... and posting less often cause it's just not awesome anymore.

Thanks for visiting today, was good of you to drop by.  Next time we meet, it'll be at your place:)

Tootles, Sue

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Ham Leftovers...

Hey there sweet friends!  For those who celebrate Easter, I do hope yours was a day filled with family, love and reflection.  Over the weekend I fussed with my blog background a bit.  I hope it looks ok on your end, well not on your end ~LOL~ you know what I mean:)
Critters ~ this plump possum paid us an Easter Sunday visit, came up the driveway, he/she must have mugged the Easter bunny along the way:)

Stitching ~  one of my WIP's will remain as such forever as I've lost interest in the design after a less than cordial reply from a very well established designer.  I politely asked if it would be possible to gleen the stitch count on one of her new charts, her reply was look at the chart when it was released.  I was left without an answer, unsure if the design size would work for me, and a clear message that my inquiry was nothing more than a bother.  Needles to say, the stitch count is no longer a concern to me and a bother I'll no longer be.  I share this tidbit for the simple reason I was a bit surprised, it's the only time I've ever had a less than cordial stitching experience.  I truly believe it was a rare occurrence, everybody has a bad day, I've no reason to think it'll happen again.  Still, I won't be finishing my WIP as it would only remind me of unpleasantness.
Cooking ~ did your mom ever bring home that tangy ham salad from the local grocery deli?  Well, I'm here to assure that you can make easy-peasy ham salad with your leftover Easter ham, you might even have everything on hand in your pantry!

In case you're interested:

Chunk your leftover ham and grind with plenty of Bread & Butter pickles without juice (reserve the juice).

If desired, add a few onion chunks/celery/onion powder, grind again.

Transfer ground mixture into a mixing bowl.

Add reserved pickle juice a little at a time, very little ~ you want it on the dry side, mix well.  Remember, those pickle have a lot of juice in them!

Add mayo a small spoonful at a time, again think more dry than runny, mix well til you get a nice thick spreadable consistency.  You're done, enjoy!
St. Patty's Day Update ~ here's our corned beef, (about 3 lbs flat cut), cooked in crockpot covered 3/4 with beef broth (nothing else) on low for 15 hours, yes ~ 15!  It never burned or got tough, flaked apart so nicely, no slicing needed, like buttah.  Hmmmm, seems the tater salad opted-out on having its' picture taken, you know how tempermental those taters can be!

Thanks to each of you for visiting, I always enjoy our time together ~ wishing you all a lovely week to come!

Tootles, Sue

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Very Sorry...

I think I broke my blog ~ too frustrated to spend waste any more time trying to fix it.  My apologies sweet friends, thx for understanding.  

Easter Silliness...

Easter week greetings sweet friends!  If you were here the last couple Easters, perchance you recognize my annual Easter greeting.  Maybe you're thinking, sheesh ~ here she is again, with that silly thing, why does she do that?!  Well my sweet friends, it's just a thing I do, it makes me giggle, like a little girl ~ every. single. time.

This year I felt inspired to share a verse from my little girl heart ~ to yours....

call me silly
i don't care
time to share
the chocolate hare

       Wishing you a very Happy and Sweet Easter!

Tootles, Sue

ps:  if you're here next Easter (and I hope you are), GUESS WHAT LOL!