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Prim and folkart needlework designs of drab reds, browns, golds and greens are what I fancy.

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Friday, May 29, 2009


Hi There! While drooling over some charts by Primitive Traditions, I came across a *new to me* small prim freebie HERE.

Thank you Cathy for posting this, it's lovely. If you can plz do remember to thank Cathy while at her site?

Tootles, Sue

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~ Peonies If You Please ~

Hi there! Finally in bloom, has been cool here, they don't last long, grabbed this pic before the avalanche of petals:)
Tootles, Sue


Hi There! While browsing stitchy blogs, I thought why not *feature* these lovely blogs, one at a time.

In right toolbar I shall offer hyperlink to a featured blog of my choosing, will update them from time to time. While many of us already visit these lovely blogs, they might be new to others. Enjoy!

Current *Featured Stitchy Blog* is *Between Crosses With Nina* in Hungary.

What do you think? Good idea? Been done before? Don't care either way? Your comments most welcome!

Tootles, Sue

Sunday, May 24, 2009

~ So ein Tag - A Wedding In The Park ~

Hi there! A quick non-stitchy post, family wedding this weekend, 60 guests, a most pleasant and beautiful day in the park. Snaps of the lodge, lovingly dolled up by family and friends.
Am selfishly posting this snap because I so adore the symbolism of my dear FIL Mike helping his grand-daughter (my niece) bid farewell to her single days as he gently guides her towards her betrothed :)
A lovely ending to a splendid day ~ So ein Tag (such a beautiful day).
Thx for popping in!

Tootles, Sue

Sunday, May 17, 2009

~ Grandmother's Stumpwork ~

Hi there! I'm told this is stumpwork, worked by my Grandmother Evelyn in the 70's. Sunset Designs. Yes, needs cleaning, stretching and mounting, for now it's protected, rolled in linen, await from light.

These skillful specialty stitches done with yarn are breathtaking, how she accomplished these dimentional stitches is truly amazing. I wish I had more of her hand work, huge vibrant hand stripped and sewn braided rugs, knitting, delicate crotchet and hand designed embroidery.

This is quite large, notice the details of the ivy and hanging leaves on the Boston Fern, the texture of baskets and stamins in the bleeding hearts, and the wee frog ~ AAAAAAACCCK ~ a frog in Grandmother's stitching ~ it must be some horrible mistake ~ LOL!

Well done Grandma, well done. Rest assured this piece has been and will be very well cared for. Now... if you could please sprinkle a healthy dose of stitcher's fairy dust over me the next time you're near:)

Tootles, Sue

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

~ Sweet Day In May ~

Hi there! Today was great, productive yet peaceful. When it's May here in Rochester, you can count on the annual Lilac Festival at Highland Park to bring a profusion of sweetness to your life. Here's our lilacs, aren't they spectacular? The only thing better than enjoying them in full bloom, is their glorious scent that fills the house. Go ahead, click on it, fill your screen with their beauty!
And while we're on the topic of sweet, here's a snack my brother Jeff thrives on at work. I'm told that no one gets between Jeff and his snack! NOW I know how to lure him over to our house and help me with my brother-do list:)

This my friend will satisfy every craving a woman could ever have, salty~sweet~creamy~crunchy~chocolaty~chewy, are you droooooling yet?
Some salted mixed nuts, a bag of M&M's, shaken not stirred:) For good measure, just in case this wasn't quite sweet enough, I added some dried cherries after I took pics-YAY! I'd say this ranks right up there with... wait... here it comes... heck you know, it rhymes with *The Big Dough* - LOL!!!

Hmmm, would anyone notice, or even care, if I put a wee bag of this in my purse for a yummy on-the-go pick me up? Shhhhh sweeties, please don't tell:)
Life should be so sweet *every* day:) Hope your day has been sweet too; if not, tomorrow is another day, make it sweet!

Tootles, Sue

Friday, May 8, 2009

~ A La D Da Start ~

Hi there! Just started La~D~Da Alphabet with Hare (freebie with purchase), fiddlers cloth of course:) I've just been fitted for bi-focals, so maybe I'll take a stab at linen when I get accustomed to my new and improved eyes-LOL:)

Hoping to finish this by end of the month for a prim wedding gift.
Love this Threadworx 1043, brown, rust and green, repeat pattern is short with nice variation. Thanks for looking!
Day 1 - Friday morning, May 8

Day 2 - Saturday morning, May 9

Day 3 - Thursday evening, May 14

Day 4 - Thursday evening, May 21
Day 4 - Saturday morning, May 23 - Finish
Tootles, Sue

Thursday, May 7, 2009

~ Cinco de Mayo ~

Hi there! First time I made these, was fun and super easy, Chicken Enchiladas w/Spanish Rice. I'm a bit surprised how good it turned out. I tweaked this recipe a bit to include sofrito sauce (Mexican tomato based sauce w/spices in olive oil) and mixed a whole jar into my shredded chicky. I substituted the cream of chicken soup with cheddar cheese soup cause that's what was in our pantry.

And my friend, if you've never tried sofrito sauce (deep, earthy, intense flavor without being hot), you are missing out! This will now be a staple in my pantry:)

If you fancy recipe here 'tis, plz copy/paste as I'm have blue thingy problems at the moment:

Who knew a German girl like me could make such an authentic and yummy Mexican treat-LOL!

Tootles, Sue

Saturday, May 2, 2009

~ Hello Old Friend ~

Hi there! My apologies for being away, life recently brought our family a time for gentle pause, so we've been observing peace and serenity in our home, and really really focusing on staying close and loving one another.

In the last couple of days I've found myself drawn to an old friend, a WIP (work in progress for my non-stitchy friends), which set up residence in my stitching basket many years ago, too many to remember. So I began a few more stitches today and am enjoying its' simplicity. The design is not fancy or adventurous. The palette is drab, simple and primitive. The green DMC 731 is not one I usually favor, but quite fetching and perfect here. I adore the mix of brown, green and tiny pink highlights that adorn the border:)

La-D-Da *Rejoice* by Lori Markovic, DMC colors.

Thx for popping in!

Tootles, Sue