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Prim and folkart needlework designs of drab reds, browns, golds and greens are what I fancy.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stash ~ Hither and Yon...

Stash post dear friends!  Wait wait LOL ~ please don't adjust your monitors, my new background kinda morphed itself into this theme with a black & white header.  Love when the juices of creativity dribble from the 50-something brain, cause I learn new skills about graphics:)

For those who don't yet know, our friend Barbara over at To Stitch or Not To Stitch recently started two s t a s h i n g blogs for all of us, isn't she simply the sweetest ever?!  Thanks Barbara!  I'm helping spread the stitchy word for those who might want to buy/sell/trade or follow along.

Transactions are between buyer/seller/traders.  Barbara is blog moderator and not involved in transactions, except when she' falls of her self-imposed stashing diet:)  We've aaaaall been there... haven't we LOL?!

Non U.S. stitchers are warmly invited and encouraged to join ~ more participants equals more exposure!

To join contact Barbara, she'll set you up as an author to post on her blogs, easy-peasy.

Please see my sidebar for buttons to each blog------------------------------------------------------>

Waving to a couple new followers, great of you to drop in ~ I do so enjoy new visitors:)

Now scamper away sweet friends, go forth... join... search for stash... or unload some... ya lucky stitcher... hither and yon:)

Tootles, Sue

Friday, September 7, 2012

Welcome Back Sweet Maple Leaf Friend...

Hi there sweet stitchers!  Ya'll remember Erynne from Be-Stitched and Red House Crafts?  I'll always remember Erynne being the very first stitcher to reach out to me when I started fumblin and bumblin with blogging ~ she was ever so kind, patient and gracious, a true lady through and through.  She's been missing from blogging, working on a special project. 

Lucky us, squeeeeeee ~ Erynne started a new blog this summer, she's got something definitely creepy going on and a precious finish to share!

Please join me and skippity-do over to Stitcheree! and let's welcome her back in grand stitchers' style!  See you over there, save room for me:)

Wishing you all a sweet September weekend...

Tootles, Sue