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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Ham Leftovers...

Hey there sweet friends!  For those who celebrate Easter, I do hope yours was a day filled with family, love and reflection.  Over the weekend I fussed with my blog background a bit.  I hope it looks ok on your end, well not on your end ~LOL~ you know what I mean:)
Critters ~ this plump possum paid us an Easter Sunday visit, came up the driveway, he/she must have mugged the Easter bunny along the way:)

Stitching ~  one of my WIP's will remain as such forever as I've lost interest in the design after a less than cordial reply from a very well established designer.  I politely asked if it would be possible to gleen the stitch count on one of her new charts, her reply was look at the chart when it was released.  I was left without an answer, unsure if the design size would work for me, and a clear message that my inquiry was nothing more than a bother.  Needles to say, the stitch count is no longer a concern to me and a bother I'll no longer be.  I share this tidbit for the simple reason I was a bit surprised, it's the only time I've ever had a less than cordial stitching experience.  I truly believe it was a rare occurrence, everybody has a bad day, I've no reason to think it'll happen again.  Still, I won't be finishing my WIP as it would only remind me of unpleasantness.
Cooking ~ did your mom ever bring home that tangy ham salad from the local grocery deli?  Well, I'm here to assure that you can make easy-peasy ham salad with your leftover Easter ham, you might even have everything on hand in your pantry!

In case you're interested:

Chunk your leftover ham and grind with plenty of Bread & Butter pickles without juice (reserve the juice).

If desired, add a few onion chunks/celery/onion powder, grind again.

Transfer ground mixture into a mixing bowl.

Add reserved pickle juice a little at a time, very little ~ you want it on the dry side, mix well.  Remember, those pickle have a lot of juice in them!

Add mayo a small spoonful at a time, again think more dry than runny, mix well til you get a nice thick spreadable consistency.  You're done, enjoy!
St. Patty's Day Update ~ here's our corned beef, (about 3 lbs flat cut), cooked in crockpot covered 3/4 with beef broth (nothing else) on low for 15 hours, yes ~ 15!  It never burned or got tough, flaked apart so nicely, no slicing needed, like buttah.  Hmmmm, seems the tater salad opted-out on having its' picture taken, you know how tempermental those taters can be!

Thanks to each of you for visiting, I always enjoy our time together ~ wishing you all a lovely week to come!

Tootles, Sue


  1. Oh my -- that is one piggy possum! Whoa! I like your recipe for ham salad -- have to print it out. That's a shame about the designer's attitude. It always puts a damper on one's enthusiasm. :(

  2. Like your new background and especially your beautiful header picture with the jars and flowers. Sorry to hear about your unpleasant exchange on the WIP. Hopefully the designer was just having a bad day like you said, but still that's not a nice way to be.

    Wishing you an awesome week ahead, sweet friend~

  3. I love Bread and Butter pickles but I've never thought of using them in a ham spread like this. Will definitely next time. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Ah, Sue, I can empathize with your experience with a well known designer's enigmatic response to a simple question. Been there, done that. I will say, however, that her "smack me upside the head" response only made me write back to her again. Apparently,the second inquiry caught her on a "better day." I shall offer this as a suggestion. Don't give up too soon. Sometimes, it's worth it.
    Barb in Syracuse

  5. I've had a rather cold and snippy reply both times I emailed a well-known repro sampler designer about charts, and both times were errors on her own website. For questions about her other items, same type of reply. Doesn't seem to be a nice person at all. Would rather talk to your opossum! LOVE ham salad.

  6. Dear Readers - sorry about my sloppy spelling o-possum. Within 30 seconds of my post my brother notified me, oh well ~ that's what 'lil brothers are for ~ he's a keeper:)

    1. Whoopsie, seems I also got sloppy spelling needless, my brother missed that one:)

  7. I've had a snippy reply from a well-known designer, too, Sue--wonder if it is the same person?

    Nice to have a brother who reads your blog (and probably loves pointing out your mistakes if he is anything like mine!!)

    Oh, ham salad--you make it the same way as my MIL makes hers and it is the best!! Unfortunately, we didn't have ham for Easter...

    Your new blog background is so, so pretty, Sue--soft and lovely--well done!

  8. Now, that's a well fed possum!
    Sorry about the response to your inquiry. Of course, I am wondering who it might be, as I've had similar experiences. Then, I have also had wonderful responses from others!
    I am suddenly wishing that we had ham for Easter instead of the rib roast!!

  9. AW!! What a cute possum! Love your recipe for ham salad...will have to try that out! So sorry to hear you got a mono-syllabic, terse response from a designer. I hope she was just having an off day like you said.

  10. So sad to hear about your experience with the designer. I have made inquiries as to what the floss color requirements were on a certain pattern so that I could order only the colors I needed instead of an accompanying floss pack which contained all the floss and never heard anything back from the designer. Needless to say, I didn't order the pattern. Bad days do not excuse bad manners.

    Love your possum ~ I'm from the south and we just spell it "possum" (or in a lot of cases, speed bumps) LOL!


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